The staff of the Garderie Mont Ste-Marie is made up of 26 dynamic caregivers who have your child's best interests at heart.  

The daycare center is the only facility in the province of New Brunswick which currently employs the highest number of staff members who have successfully completed the requirements for a certificate in Early Childhood Education. We are very proud of this accomplishment as many of our staff members completed the certificate while working and caring for their own little treasures at home! 

The daycare center promotes a welcoming atmosphere and continually teaches everyday values such as respect by building friendships with the caregivers and the children. Garderie Mont Ste-Marie is more then a daycare facility - it is a family. 

The caregivers are always finding new and exciting activities to teach and encourage the children in their quest to develop: 

    1. their sense of curiosity, initiative and creativity,
    2. a sense of independence and confidence,
    3. life skills such as communication, decision making, sharing and socialization; and
    4. gross and fine motor skills.

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